Friday, July 11, 2014

Discover Port Richmond...

Memories of shopping "THE AVENUE"

Richmond Corridor

Port Richmond...It was where I was born...It was where I went to grammar school...It was where I went to high school, and Port Richmond Avenue was where I shopped. Fast forward some 30+ years, it is where I return as the Economic and Community Development Coordinator for Northfield Communty LDC located at 160 Heberton Avenue in Port Richmond.

As a little girl, my mother and I would take a walk to "The Avenue". We would spend the day browsing through the stores. Some of my favorites were Woolworth's and C.H. Martin...perhaps it was because of the soda fountain. I remember at one of them you would pop a balloon and that would be the price you would pay for your banana split. Everyone hoped to pop a balloon and pay a penny. As a child, one of favorite stores was "Lobels". I remember standing on a platform trying on dresses and feeling like a "Princess". When I finally was old enough to go to school...St. Mary's of the Assumption, my Mom took me to "Tirone's" for my shoes. As a teenager, Lerner's was the place to shop. Levi's and Wranglers were my go to jeans. I bought mine at Sam Danski's and Nat's...and my shoes were "Lil Abner's" boots...which were not complete until the shoemaker put taps on the heels and toes.

These are just a few of my memories of Port Richmond...

What are yours?

This mission of this blog is introduce you to Port Richmond's...


Here are a few photos of Port Richmond Avenue from year's past when it was simply called....


Ritz Theater, Richmond Avenue

Harrison Avenue and Richmond Avenue

Castleton Avenue and Richmond Avenue

Between Ann and Church Street and Richmond Avenue, 1930

Ann Street and Richmond Avenue, 1935

Please feel free to tell us your memories of...

Remembering the Past, Living in the Present,
Looking Forward to the Future !!!

Kathleen Sforza
Economic and Community Development Coordinator
Northfield Community LDC
160 Heberton Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10302
Phone: 718-442-7351 Ext. 225

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